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"I truly believe I passed the exams because I took your course." NE student

"I passed! I got a 94%. I owe it all to you guys! Your material was right on! Thank you so much!" Deanna, CO 

Radiographic Operations Consulting or ROC has been providing service to those interested in Limited Radiography since 1993. After more than 30 years involvement with fully accredited radiography programs, our instructor Connie Lyon, RT(R)(QM) became convinced of the need to provide good training resources to those operating x-ray equipment in a limited capacity.

We started ROC to provide radiation safety and technical service* to those doing general radiographic procedures. These services placed us on-site where persons who had no training in the production of radiographs were performing x-ray procedures. Training for these individuals was intended to improve their patient care and radiation safety practices. About the same time Nebraska passed a law requiring all operators of x-ray equipment to pass a competency-based exam. We knew we could help.

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The live course was developed as an evening class to accommodate our typical student who is a full-time employee in an office or clinic. He/she is already licensed in some other allied health area and is seeking this as a second license at the request of the employer. Many times this person will backup an RT to allow continuity of service when that RT has time off.

Later, the home study course was developed to provide a training opportunity to those who live in remote areas. For the home study course we partner with facilities that provide an RT, a Licensed Practitioner or Licensed Limited Operator to supervise these students. Although the content is not delivered on-line, the home study materials are very user-friendly.The Course Manual coordinates all the materials and directs the student step by step.

To be successful in our course we recommend that you have a health care background which could include but is not limited to nursing, medical assisting, medical laboratory, surgical technology, or respiratory therapy. (In fact, sometimes this course will be acceptable for CE credits for those holding other licenses.) Also, we recommend working with a local RT who will supervise your practice of procedure units. You need to be self-motivated and able to work independently. Be assured that most of the students who have taken this course and the ARRT Limited Scope exam have passed the exam.

The Limited Radiography course includes a comprehensive presentation of radiography fundamentals including procedures and techniques as well as methods of minimizing radiation exposure to patients and personnel. Procedures covered in this course include chest and thorax, extremities, and spine. Currently we are including the unit on skull and sinuses in the full course even though most Limited Operators do not produce images of the skull. We advise students to take about 24 weeks to complete the entire course.

Materials include: two textbooks, 359 page course manual with worksheets, self-tests, and practice examsFlash drive with audio/visual content, Skull/Sinus workbook and The Test Prep Systeml.  In addition, the student will have access to a live instructor via our email or our toll-free 800 phone number. 

The course begins by covering the basics of terminology in the field and encouraging the student to correctly name and operate the x-ray equipment in their own facility with the appropriate supervision. We provide him/her with certain exercises that can be done using water phantoms, again, in their own facility. These exercises can be done with film/screen or digital x-ray equipment. There are videos that demonstrate both types of imaging. We discuss how to describe the image with correct terms and how to manipulate kVp, mA, time and other factors to influence how the image appears and/or to control the dose to the patient.

Then we proceed to anatomy and the principles of patient and part positioning, starting with the exam most commonly performed by the limited operator, the chest. The next procedures are the distal extremities, hand, foot, etc. After that we discuss the proximal extremities (e.g., shoulder and knee). The last set of procedures we discuss is the spine. The unit on skulls includes a workbook and a PowerPoint materials. There is a unique method provided in the workbook for practicing skull positioning.

Next, we move into the science of producing x-rays, how they interact with human tissue, the risks associated with radiation and how to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks to patients and personnel. We place this discussion at the end of the course rather than the beginning for two reasons. First, it allows the student more time to practice procedures and evaluate images during the course. Secondly, since the science content includes more test eligible theory, it is the last thing the student has studied before taking the exam. We've found this approach encourages the student to participate in the course more effectively from the beginning and results in more students completing the entire course successfully.

Digital imaging is required knowledge for all operators of x-ray equipment. Videos illustrate image production with film and with digital.


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What Our Students Are Saying:


To: Radiographic Operations Consulting

From: William Campbell / MDS-Mobile Diagnostic Services, Inc.

The Limited Radiography Course offered by ROC is an excellent course of study for those wishing to become familiar with basic diagnostic x-ray procedures. I found that the course syllabus was well organized and contained very useful and informative exercises. The mix of practical exercises, textbook readings, and clinical assignments was well balanced and reinforced the objectives.

The unique feature of this course was the use of the learning CDs, which contained material designed to reinforce and supplement the textbook and syllabus. They contain practice exercises and additional materials which really drove home the course objectives. These CDs make the course a most thorough and complete preparatory tool for Limited Radiographers.

The combination of syllabus, textbook, and learning CDs makes this course both challenging and enjoyable. It is one of the most professional, well organized, and informative course available today. It enabled me to take and complete the ARRT limited radiographer certification examination and pass with a 95%. Many thanks to ROC for offering such a great learning tool!


William Campbell                                                                                    MDS-Mobile Diagnostic Services, Inc.


I just wanted to let you know that I thought the course was very well organized with all the goals for each lesson explained clearly. I thought the material was right on for what I needed to know to pass the tests. You were very available for help and gave clear answers. I thought the labs and homework were invaluable for gaining skills. The videos of positioning really helped too. The preparatory CD for the exam was great. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone wanting to pass the Limited Scope exam!!!

Thank you again for all your help. I truly believe I passed the exams because I took your course!   Julia, CO 

 "My daughter took this course after I had taken a different course. So much of my course seemed over my head even though I was working in the radiology department at the time. When I began to prepare for my state licensure exam, I once again had trouble understanding what I was studying. I asked my daughter to let me see her materials and realized it was just what I needed. Everything was easy to understand and for the first time things started making sense to me. I took my test and passed with flying colors."  Vicki, NE

  "I love the way the course is laid out. It has been a lifesaver. My Director of Education was delighted with the clarity of the objectives in the syllabus. The material is wonderful and the students are enjoying it. Thanks!" 
--Deanna, a limited radiography course instructor, NE


State Requirements:

The ROC Limited Radiography Home Study Course must be used in accordance with state laws. To the best of our knowledge, the student who successfully completes this course can apply to take the test required by these *states.       

Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming.    

*You can validate your state's requirements through your State Department of Health.         

The course will be beneficial to anyone wishing to learn the fundamentals of radiography, but at this time, the following states have no specified requirements. They either do not offer a limited license or have no testing or course criteria.

Alabama, District of Columbia, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin.

If your state is not listed above, it requires a state-approved classroom course or an RT license to operate x-ray equipment.

     Bonus Material Included in Full Course

The Course sells for $875 That includes a  359-page course manual, with worksheets, self-tests, and practice exams, two textbooks, audio/visual content including demonstration videos.  In addition, the student will have access to help from a live instructor via e-mail or our toll-free 800 number. 

 Bonus #1 -  the Skull contnt and  unit workbook, a $40.00 value, at no additional cost. This unit includes positioning instruction, good images with labelled anatomy, and images with errors for student evaluation practice. Workbook includes anatomy worksheets and  positioning tools that help the student visualize correct positioning of the skull for the basic views. Procedures include skull, sinuses, and facial bones. A 30 question test is included. To order separately Click here.

 Bonus #2 - one of our best tools--the Limited Xray Test Prep System is available for $47. This tool offers 7 banks of questions on Core Content covered in Limited Radiography Exams. There are 2 sections, 1 to be usd as a Study Tool and the other as Test practice. Content areas include Radiation Protection, Equipment Operations and Quality Control, Image Acquistion and Evaluation, Patient Care, and Chest, Extremity and Spine Procedures. It is intended for anyone preparing for such an exam and provides a practical and relevant review of content. Passing any exam is NOT guaranteed, but use of this tool  will increase the student's chance of success. (Skull questions are not included in the in the system at this time.) To order separately click here.

Anyone taking an ARRT exam is ethically required to maintain the security of that test by NOT revealing any of the copyrighted questions. Our questions are all a result of over 40 years of teaching medical radiography. And the quality of our test prep tool has been repeatedly validated by the students preparing to take the Limited Scope in Radiography Exam.


  For $875.00 dollars you will receive:

  • The Limited Radiography Course
  • Skull Unit
  • The Test Prep System
  • Digital imaging and film/screen imaging content
  • Instructor support for up to 24 weeks

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