Question Banks CD is correlated with most recent ARRT Limited Scope test specifications and includes

Digital Imaging Content and Questions


"I've been through the course work but I don't think I can pass THE test."


Is this how you feel?

Well you are not alone. This stuff is

hard, hard, hard!


Don't lose heart we can HELP!

     Anyone taking an ARRT exam is ethically and legally required to maintain the security of that test by NOT revealing any of the copyrighted questions. Our questions are all a result of over 40 years of teaching medical radiography. And the quality of our test prep tool has been repeatedly validated by the students preparing to take the Limited Scope in Radiography Exam.


Norma said:   "... the practice exam CD was a great tool. I kept drilling with the questions until my scores were consistently high on the practice tests. My actual test results were in the 90's!" 


The Question Banks CD will provide you hours of drills over Core content, Chest, Extremities, and Spine procedures.

Core content

Radiation Protection - 82 questions with 311 options

Equipment Operation & Maintenance - 25 questions with 108 options

Image Production & Evaluation - 62 questions with 252 options

Patient Care - 30 questions with 121 options



Chest - 26 questions with 78 options

Extremities - 45 questions with 145 options

Spine - 35 questions with 148 options


Lisa said:  "I basically kept taking the practice CD test over and over. . . When I started taking the tests [on the CD] I was in the 50's and I worked my way up to high 80's by the end. I was not surprised by any questions on the test. It seemed as if you covered everything that was test eligible."


"I have great news. I passed my exam on the first try!! I got an 89 on core, 84 on chest, and 85 on extremities. . . that practice test CD was awesome."


Lynette  "A few months ago I purchased Questions Banks CD. I studied it every day for a month. Three weeks ago I took the test. Yesterday I received my results. I passed all sections. I am grateful to have found this CD. It was well worth the money!"


Mary Ellen "Just wanted to let you know I passed with flying colors...and it's because of your review materials...I highly recommend your review package!"


Deanna  "I passed with a 94% average. I owe it all to you guys! Your material for testing was right on! Thank you for helping me to be successful! Now the real fun starts!"


  The Question Banks CD is intended for anyone preparing to take the ARRT  Limited Scope exam and provides a practical and relevant review of content. Passing any exam is NOT guaranteed, but use of this CD will increase your chance of success.

(Skull is not included at this time and the CD is NOT Mac compatible.)


How does this Question Banks CD work?
  • After loading the Question Banks CD onto your computer, decide which content area you want to practice.

  • The questions are in folders that parallel the test specifications for the ARRT Limited Scope of practice in Radiography Exam. Open the folder of choice.

  • You can proceed through the questions as a test, get a score, and then look at each question. Or you can choose to "Mark" your answers one at a time for the feedback that may be available on each question. You can then "Reset" and select a different answer and you may see an additional explanation. Sometimes question/answers are self-explanatory.


How much is this Question Banks CD going to cost me,

and what if I am not satisfied?

First, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee with all of our products. The only thing we ask is that you give your best effort and then if you honestly think the CD was not what we said it is,  by all means sent it back for a full refund, less postage.


Secondly, most of you have taken a course that cost from $875 (the cost of our home study course which includes this CD) to as much as several thousands dollars. The Question Banks CD is selling for $34.95. Compared to the money you have already spent, this $34.95 test tool could be the difference in passing or failing the TEST. And don't forget the Digital Imaging Questions are now included. Order Now. click here.


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Several available topics are beneficial to the Limited Operator student, e.g.

Distal Extremities

Radiation Safety

Virtual Lab on Density

Shoulder and Rib Tips

Technique Managment

and more to come!


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